About us

Phänomenta Fassade

Welcome to PHÄNOMENTA.

Who knows what MINT stands for? MINT is not a green-blue color, nor is it a mint-flavored toothpaste. If you guessed it’s an abbreviation of a technical college in the USA, you’re getting closer but still not quite there.

For those who are puzzled by this question, rest assured: you’re not alone. According to a 2022 survey, only about one in two Germans knows that MINT stands for Mathematics, Informatics, Natural Science, and Technology. To bring these four scientific fields out of the "nerd" corner, where they are still often placed, science centers like PHÄNOMENTA in Flensburg create exciting worlds of experience.


Lifelong Fun with Experimentation

Founded in Flensburg in 1985 as Germany's first purely hands-on science center, we are now the most visited facility on the Flensburg Fjord. At over 170 interactive stations, our guests can explore, experience, and understand various phenomena from their daily lives by observing reactions to their actions.

Inspiring a Love for Discovery and Research

Our goal is to bring the fascination of natural sciences and the joy of discovery and research to everyone. And when we say "everyone," we mean it. Whether you’re 13 or 73 years old, with family, colleagues, friends, or a sports team: in life, curiosity never ends. Especially with increasing digitization, tactile experiences are becoming more important than ever – whether for balancing everyday life, fostering motor and cognitive skills, igniting enthusiasm for science-related careers, or understanding our reality with all our senses.

That’s why we warmly invite you to visit us at the Flensburg Nordertor and follow your natural curiosity. Let’s seize the opportunities to continually rediscover our world together.

Dr. Frank Markus Döring & Ihr Achim Englert
Chairman | Managing Director


PHÄNOMENTA is a Registered Association

We generate almost 80 % of our costs ourselves, e.g., through entrance fees or exhibition rentals. 20 % of our budget is covered by financial support.


We also say THANK YOU to all our loyal and new members of Phänomenta e.V.

Anyone can become a member (natural persons only). As a member, you can participate in general meetings and help shape the direction of PHÄNOMENTA. You also have the opportunity to visit the exhibition during regular opening hours at any time. Simply fill out a membership application, send it to us, and become part of PHÄNOMENTA.

Support Program "Neustart Kultur"

PHÄNOMENTA also benefited from the NEUSTART KULTUR program, using this support to make pandemic-related investments. Important purchases funded by the Federal Government and the German Association for Archaeology e.V. included contactless faucets for handwashing, mobile air purifiers, barriers for optimizing visitor management, and a visitor counting system.