The permanent exhibition

Wellenbecken Phänomenta

An exhibit to experiment, participate and be amazed

Wander through all the rooms. Go on your personal journey of discovery. Try everything at your leisure. There are cranks to turn, ropes to pull, pedals to push, and countless levers and buttons. Here we laugh together and work together. You'll forget about time while puzzling and experimenting.

Mirrors and slants, light and shadows, colors and shapes will amazed you. See, hear, smell, feel - your senses are ready, your head and body are engaged. Discover the unknown, be surprised, learn new things.

Here you can get a little insight into the different thematic areas of our exhibition.

The Classics

Touching allowed, trying out desired. Discover the classics that everyone loves.
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Additive Farbmischung

The Hall of Light

Seemingly magical exhibits that need the dark to shine and reveal their phenomena.
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Rotational Motion

This is where things really get spinning - phenomena of various rotational movements.
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4 mal T im Quadrat

Puzzling & Combining

Around 25 puzzle stations await in this area, ready for you to solve them.
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Mirror, Mirror on the wall...

... who is the most distorted of them all?

Discover what mirrors can do - the variety is vast!
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Senses & Sensory Illusions

Can you trust your senses, or are they easily fooled? Try it out!
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A Sea of Colours

Colorful tinting adorns the glass staircase, turning it into an exhibit of its own.
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