Our Entrance Fees


Admission Information

  • You can pay your admission in cash, with EC card, credit card.
  • The tickets are day passes, allowing you to leave and return to the exhibition on the day of your visit.
  • Children under 10 years old must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Access for dogs is not permitted, except for guide or medical assistance dogs.
  • The exhibition is mostly accessible for people with disabilities. Only two galleries and a small room are only accessible via staircases. This represents approximately 10 % of the exhibition area.


Visitor Card Mini

Children from 3 to 6
3 Euro / 24 DKK

Visitor Card Reduced

For youths up to 16, students, apprentices, severely disabled (70 %), holders of social passes
10 Euro / 80 DKK

Visitor Card Adults

14 Euro / 112 DKK

Visitor Card Plus

2 Adults + 2 Children up to 16 years
40 Euro / 320 DKK

Groups (from 15 persons)

We kindly request early registration via our form.
Adult group: 12 Euro / 96 DKK p.P.
Reduced group: 8 Euro / 64 DKK p.P.

Accompanying persons of reduced groups: up to 19 persons, one accompanying person has free admission (from 20 persons, two accompanying persons; from 30 persons, three accompanying persons; etc.).

Annual Pass

The annual pass allows the owner to visit the Phänomenta exhibition as often as they like within one year (from the date of purchase). 
Excluded are paid special and evening events.

Visitor reduced: 25 Euro
Visitor regular: 35 Euro 
Visitor Plus (2 adults + 2 visitors reduced): 100 Euro

The annual pass is personalized and therefore NOT transferable. The card can be purchased at reception.

Advantages of the annual pass:
 1. Pays off from the 3rd visit within a year.
 2. No cancellation is necessary.